How to use

Dry hair to 80% or spray hair damp all over. Using the clip, clip the curling ribbon to the top of your head, and split your hair in to two sections. Starting with one side, from the top, take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the ribbon away from your face and work your way down adding more hair each time, until all hair is wrapped around the curling tool. Secure at the end with a scrunchie, and repeat on the other side. For best results, leave over night or for 4-6 hours and until hair is completely dry. Remove all items gently, and shake hair.

How does it work

Our unique tool helps you achieve a curly style all over the hair without the heat, time or effort of a heated curling wand.

Please note that this is a non returnable item. Only unopened and unused items will be eligible for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Heatless Hair Curler safe?

Not only is it perfectly safe, but this hair curler is actually much kinder and less damaging to your hair than traditional heated hair curling or styling tools!

How do I get the perfect curls for me?

Like most things, practice definitely makes perfect! The hair curler is easy to use but you will find that wrapping your hair in different ways and tightness will result in different types of curls!

Will this be right for my hair type?

This is suitable for all hair types and can be used on long and short hair styles

Does this include a clip?

Yes this includes a clip to fit the curler onto your hair

Should I sleep in this?

It is comfortable enough to sleep in and the longer you leave it the longer lasting the curls will be, however you can use this at any time and just leave for 4-6 hours or until hair is completely dry.

How long will this last me?

This is incredibly hardwearing and if used correctly should last a very long time, make sure you store it away in its bag to keep it protected.

Should my hair be dry or wet for this?

You shouldn't have completely wet hair as you might find your hair doesn't dry properly overnight. For best results allow your hair to dry out to around 80% after washing or spritz hair with water so it is a little bit damp before use. As the hair drys, the curl will form into a lasting style.

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