How to use

Tip head and hair forwards and position the towel around the back of the head until the wrap is fully covering all of your hair. Gather hair inside the towel and twist the front section. Bring the twist round to the back of the neck and loop the elastic around the button to secure in place.

How does it work

Dries hair quickly & easily, drastically reducing blow-drying time. The soft gentle material of the towel combats frizz, friction, damage & fly-aways caused by regular towels.

Please note that this is a non returnable item. Only unopened and unused items will be eligible for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this and my normal towel?

Normal towels can cause breakage and static due to the rough fibres and towel drying action. The highly absorbent microfibre fabric absorbs water without drying out the hair, so less blow-drying time is required, which means less damage to the hair. The soft fabric wraps hair smoothly and doesn’t cause friction, frizz or static.

What is this microfibre hair towel made of?

This is made from a blend of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. We have tested natural and synthetic materials and this is the best blend for optimum results on your hair

Is this suitable for curly hair?

This towel is suitable for all hair types, but it is extremely effective with curly hair as this hair type is likely to be more damaged with traditional towel drying and blow drying

Should I replace my blow dryer with this microfibre towel?

Blowdrying your hair whilst it is wet and at it's most vulnerable state can cause substantial damage. This super-absorbant towel dries hair gently, quickly and with no heat required.

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