How to use

Use alongside the Hairburst Shampoo. Apply shampoo to your hair as normal. Hold the massage brush in your palm and apply a light pressure. Move the brush quickly backwards and forwards on your scalp, to lather up the shampoo and give your scalp an invigorating scrub. Please note, large circular motions may tangle hair (especially if curly). Once thoroughly massaged all over, wash out your shampoo as normal. Follow with the Hairburst Conditioner.

How does it work

Healthy hair growth starts with a healthy scalp environment. Our scalp stimulating massage brush takes hair your hair wash routine to the next level. This hand held tool helps to lather up shampoo for a deeper cleanse, while the silicone bristles gently exfoliate your scalp, increasing scalp circulation and stimulation and encouraging the optimum environment for your hair to grow.

Find out more about the science behind hair growth here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I use this for until it is not effective?

We recommend using this every time your shampoo your hair. It will help deeply cleanse the hair, exfoliate your scalp and stimulate blood supply.

Can this be used in and out of the shower?

This should be used in the shower on wet hair alongside your shampoo.

Does this need to be cleaned?

We recommend keeping this clean and dry in-between uses to avoid it harbouring any germs or limescale from the shower.

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